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Who we are

Securoak is a boutique Cybersecurity consulting firm with primary focus

in solving digital identity problems by providing industry rewarding solutions.

  • Our solution approach is innovative, simple and secure with deep capability to deliver Identity, Access, Security and Governance services.
  • We are a team of versatile business focussed technical consultants with strong values towards customer success.
  • We adapt in no time, aligning to the customer core values and be an integral part in the customer success journey.


What we offer

Securoak offers one of the advanced and integrated digital identity and access management solutions. We at Securoak believe in Building a trusted relationship between consumer and brand by developing predictable experiences across multichannel platforms web, mobile, and social.

Digital Identity transformation program

Securoak consultants are well recognised in the industry in designing and delivering secure digital identity transformation programs ranging from small to enterprise customers.

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

Customer demand frictionless digital experiences that keep them in control over their own personal data, where security is assumed.

Securoak helps organisations maintain compliance with global regulations and maintain responsible usage of their consumer's data in order to maintain trust.

We at Securoak believe in Building a trusted relationship between consumer and brand by developing predictable experiences across multichannel platforms web, mobile, and social . We believe the below features are an integral part of a Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution

- Authentication standards
- User-experience management
- Performance management
- System scalability
- Systems integration
- Analytics

Workforce Identity and Access management (WIAM)

WIAM solutions are designed to support access for the right person at the right time for the right reasons.

You can think about this as giving access to a vault, where you need to have the right access code to open it.

The key differentiators between workforce IAM and CIAM include

- Access for one versus many
- Supporting self-service engagements
- Scale and impact

Identity Governance

IG solutions designed to link people, applications, data and devices to allow customers to determine who has access to what, what kind of risk that represents, and take action in situations where policy violations are identified.

Our team has strong business and technical expertise in implementing IG solutions with industry recognised product vendors SailPoint, RSA.

Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management (PAM) means controlling who or what is allowed to access critical IT systems, applications, and workloads, when, and for how long.

With our experience in delivering solutions to a customer, we know the importance of a privileged credential and the risks of privileged credential abuse, the complexity of compliance and the potential for data breaches.

Our consultants help plan a smarter PAM adoption strategy, accelerate the deployment of leading PAM technologies, and continuously expand the impact of your PAM program.

Managed support services

Securoak provides support services for technology solutions with trained entry level support engineers to senior support staff with 24X7 support structure.


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